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elite_ggxchange is currently accepting applications! This writing community takes after pbfic_exchange2 , a community for swapping fan fiction stories of the Prison Break fandom. The volunteering authors will write and receive a prompt. The prompt is the author’s guideline for writing a piece for another author, and the writer may take it in any form (unless stated otherwise).

Now, here’s the catch: You must apply before joining. Your best fan fiction piece (preferably Gilmore Girls, Prison Break or Heroes related) may be linked to (or simply pasted below an lj-cut). Piece, meaning one-shot or chapter of a story.

Not everybody will be accepted. It’s an elitist community for a reason: the authors, after the reveal, will be polled. They must vote on their favorite story, and it cannot be his/her own. The winner will receive a banner with the characters/actresses/actors of his/her choice to flaunt.

And, to not keep everyone from participating,

ggficexchange is accepting applications! These are equal to the above. The application is merely a query and you will automatically be part of the Fiction Palooza. Because both communities’ exchanges will begin at the same time, it is recommended that (if you are accepted at elite_ggxchange ) you don’t do both at the same time. It’s preferable you focus on one story and make it great!

All this said, I am looking for a banner-maker. Banner-makers will also have to apply. You do not need to participate in the exchange to be a banner-maker.

Hope to see you all at the races!

elite_ggxchange elite_ggxchange elite_ggxchange elite_ggxchange elite_ggxchange elite_ggxchange

ggficexchange ggficexchange ggficexchange ggficexchange ggficexchange ggficexchange ggficexchange
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